Monday, December 24, 2007

Luke and Caleb

We had a great visit with our friends Luke and Caleb (and Stacy and Chris, of course) this past weekend. Luke and Henry are a month apart in age, and Svea and Caleb are about a year apart. Doesn't matter - it's always fun to see your kids play with your childhood cronies' kids. In fact, Stacy loved the word crony so much in high school, she named her cat that. Right, Stace?

Apparently, Luke loves articulated vehicles as much as Henry loves sports. So they had some "car crashes" and then chased each other around some:

Then we went downstairs to the "pool room" and aimed for pockets, sometimes with our eyes closed:

That one looked like a bad hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil picture.

Then there was some more serious pool playing. So serious that both boys had their Bob the Builder hats on.

And some laughing at sweet Caleb:

So much will happen between now and the next time we see them (maybe in a year?) that I felt like I had to take pictures every cute or creative thing they did. Stacy's dad and my dad went to high school together, then Stacy, Chris and I were all Homewood Patriots, so maybe all being in Birmingham for a few minutes at the same time grips me with nostaligia and respect for legacy. I don't know.
Watching Henry and Luke and Caleb and Svea play together was really nice, and that too makes me want to take a million pictures.


CresceNet said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Mollie,
These are cute hit me looking at them that we were only there about an hour and yet we changed activities about every 5minutes (or less). :)

Hopefully we'll make this a more than once a year tradition!
:) Stacy