Thursday, December 20, 2007

I Laughed So Hard I Cried Today


- Svea fake-laughed at everything, just by exhaling really hard.

- Brian and I got to work on projects and Christmas presents for 5 hours this morning while the kids ate and played together. FIVE hours. (We were up at 4:55am).

- Henry had to keep getting up at lunch to swing his arms in a circle (back to front) and convulsing his body. No explanation. Just this circle-arm-convulsing-torso move that gave us all the hiccups we laughed so hard.

- I did all the piles of laundry.

- Henry's body art time involved new green eyebrows:

- Our neighbor who now lives in our old house delivered all our Christmas cards from friends we had forgotten to tell we'd moved.

- Svea colored with marker over the poster I had been working on for three days for Lydia. I didn't really laugh at that one - just cried. Couldn't punish her though - how did she know that I had put it on HER art easel to dry before I wrapped it? And don't I always say, "Let's color! Only draw on paper!"?

- Lilah showed up at the play date with this face paint:

- Kai thought "shuckamanolla" was the funniest word in the world. It's the one Pops taught Henry (and Meredith, John Stewart and me as children) to say when the ball doesn't make the goal. Henry played a version of basketball in Kai's room today and entertained with his lamenting SHUCKAMANOLLA each time his ball missed the toy-box basket.

- Henry sang the "Sister Suffragettes" song from "Mary Poppins" on his own, complete with, "Our daughter's daughters will adore us, and they'll sing in graaaaatttefuullll chooooorusssss: WELL DONE! Sister Suffragettes!"

- Svea's acrobatics continue and I catch her "swinging" on her kitchen chair or balancing on her belly on the seat back of a spinning office chair, trying to spin herself around.

- Svea ended the day with a headband made out of a cut-up onesie, hammering the wall with marker all over her face and shirt, laughing like an old man, of course:

Overall, is has been a great day. Lots to celebrate around here...especially Henry and Svea.


Cuz said...

I learned a new word from one of my basketball players:

It makes me laugh everytime.

leta joy said...

I have to get Mary Poppins. That is awesome.

Babs said...

okay, i think you win in the "busy as a beaver" department. love henry's new signature too!