Monday, December 03, 2007

Welcoming the Winter

The days have felt more full around here as the weather moves from crisp to downright biting.
It is officially cold.
I have noticed that as the weather changes this time, Henry and Svea are noticing and are affected by it. I LOVE that. I want so much for them to live lives that are affected by environment, that are adaptable, that are aware. I want them to learn that self-care changes with the seasons too, and it will be that way their whole lives.

Henry has fingernails that grow at different speeds and hangnails that crop up after each bath. I trim 3 different fingers every so often and then the other 7 about every 2 weeks. He picks at his fingers when he's nervous or distressed, which seems more noticeable this winter.

They both have dry skin and sometimes eczema along with it. Svea loves wearing a hat and Henry loves being cold. They love puddles even in the freezing rain and have commented on the falling of the colored leaves now leaving bare gangly branches.

It's dark a lot more now and their naps and bedtimes are shifting from that. Their energy levels and food cravings are off kilter and all of these things would have sent me in a tailspin a year ago, checking out books on how to Get Back On Schedule or How To Let Go Of Controlling Every Move Your Child Makes. But this year, the coming of this season, watching their bodies and minds change with it has been fascinating.

So, welcome Winter. We are ready for you this year.


Babs said...

Such a great entry, with such amazing pictures. Love you and your beautiful kiddies.


Joyce said...

Oh that last picture is gorgeous. As are the others. I didn't think there was such a pretty place around these parts ;)

I, Mollie said...

Thanks y'all. I'm all about Wesselman Woods.

aunt am said...

molls i love this post...sounds like YOU are becoming more aware of the way we change with the seasons, know, this is getting right into some good ol' ayurveda philosophy.

love love love this post.

and love you, too.

aunt am said...

hey forgot to mention how much i love the photos, too...really great shots.