Friday, February 15, 2008

Eesh Ahkaveesh

Lilah came over the other day.

She is our dear friend who is bilingual - English and Hebrew. She is almost 3 and switches easily between the languages without regard to her listener's language skills. She's awesome.

She has taught us new words like "mime" for water (of course, I am spelling these phonetically since I have no working knowledge of Hebrew except that it is read right to left and uses totally different characters than English's roman ones).

Eesh Ahkaveesh is Spiderman. We use that one a lot.

"Ode" means more and "bavah kashah" is you're welcome. Or thank you. I forget.

My favorite is when Menachem (Lilah's Dad, or "Abba") is here and calls Lilah "Yaffa Shalee" which means "my beauty" and she comes running. Melts my heart every time.

So when Lilah got here, she and Svea promptly set up the Napping Game. I LOVE that one.
It didn't last long as it was soon time to play the Stamping Game. Lilah loves stamps and is very good at them while Svea could care less and is NOT very good at them. She lingers between stamp pad and paper so the ink dries and does a puny print so she gives up. She gets another stamp out of the box then puts it upside down in the ink pad which just about sends her mother into fits.

Henry did NOT want to do stamps, but wanted to outline his Eesh Ahkaveesh on his own paper. While I was watching him do that, I listened to Lilah speak to Svea in Hebrew - something like, "Ach eeeeem shama cavah?" and Svea's responses of, "Oh, a BEAM Lilah. I seeeeeee."

Total entertainment for me.

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aunt merpha said...

I LOVE this and can just see you smiling the whole time. Maybe you can introduce spanish into the mix too - that would be funny! miss you