Wednesday, February 20, 2008

No Hide and Seek. Period.

I really hate the game Hide and Seek.
I don't use "hate" a lot, but I'm sure about this one. I refuse to play it with Henry and Svea.
Luckily we have friends who will and, of course, their father.

I remember as a child, there was a hallway in our house that connected a den to a bathroom and held the stairwell to the finished basement. The washer and dryer were in this hallway as well as a hamper with a flat backside so it fit against the wall. All this in a space of about 4 feet by 3 feet. I would hide INSIDE that clothes hamper, with DIRTY CLOTHES in it, about a foot and a half from the top of the stairs.
I cannot believe I am even alive. The thought of that tiny space inches from stairs makes me short of breath and totally nauseous at the thought of Henry or Svea doing it.
Not only does the danger in the game lurk for me (especially with the heard-it-from-a-friend-of-a-friend-whose-kid-hid-in-a-freezer stories), I can't deal with the idea that a kid would never be found.

The thrill of being sought just never outweighed that possibility of being forgotten.

With all of these anxieties in tow, which maybe should have come up in our wedding vows, I,Husband has come up with an audible version of Hide and Seek that requires the Hider (at this point, always Daddy) to make a silly noise every few seconds while the Seekers (Henry and Svea) run like mad searching for him. I can handle being in the house during this game at least.

But I'm still not playing.


leta joy said...

We played hide & seek last night. Not my favorite game either. Arwyn hides in plain view every time and when she can't find me after two seconds, she starts to cry. Fun!

Babs said...

Tell Brian that he can bring Henry and Svea over to play hide-n-seek whenever he wants. Better, yet, he can stay and play the game with all 4 children and you and I can go have a beer. Although, I actually like hide-n-seek myself....easy way to kill 45 minutes.

A.M. said...

oh no - i'm sorry to hear about that anxiety from childhood! i don't even remember that hamper, of course. did you ever hide in the one in the kids bathroom that pulled out? that would be hard.
you don't ever have to play if you don't want to, honey.

Anonymous said... can play anything you want to honey