Monday, February 11, 2008

Photography Workshop I

So we had an idea in October.
Walking along Navy Pier while in Chicago for a wedding, I, Husband and I tried to think of a way to bring our creative friends in town together, survive the winter doldrums, and then have a party. We decided on a 3-part photography workshop:
1. The Assignment
2. The Critique
3. The Show

I made up a little flyer to hand out and then emailed some folks to see if anyone was interested. Fifteen people showed up for the Assignment and for 45 minutes, we discussed the parameters. Everyone had one week to take no fewer than 100 photos. Each person would then choose five of those photos, one to fit in each of the following categories: Prospect, Refuge, Peril, Enticement and Complex Order (or Order & Complexity). I got those concepts from Origins of Architectural Pleasure by Grant Hildebrand.

Once the five were chosen, each person got 8x10 prints to bring to the Critique.

The Critique took about 3 hours (14 women, 1 man, and 75 prints - we had a lot to discuss) and was scheduled for the Saturday following the Assignment.

When the photographer hung his/her prints, there was a round of comments, then a round of questions, then the photographer had some time to discuss each shot.

Then we all chose 2 of everyone's 5.

The following week, I collected 2 mattes, 2 frames, and $5 from everyone and I, Husband and I rearranged our house into an amateur gallery. I, Husband made cherry wood strips for our wall of Peril (he also made an amazing iPod mix for during the show):

I hung the Prospect walls at diagonals:

the Complex Order wall randomly:

and the Enticement wall in a circle (all with Debbie's help, or course):

Refuge went side by side:

This photo in the Refuge category won the prize for The Most Discussed. Or maybe we could say it generated the most lewd comments. It was a hit, regardless.

Ruth made us quite the spread (chocolate was the theme) and we had three kinds of bubbly to sip.

Another requirement to attend the Show was that everyone must wear all black. We looked like movie stars, or musicians fresh from the Philharmonic, or amateurs who like to have a good time. It was the most fun I have had in a really long time.

I was so proud of the work and the time everyone gave this project, and of how amazing all of the photos were.
ALL of us work. ALL of us have things to do other than look at our lives through a lens (or LCD screen) while considering architectural concepts. However, ALL of us needed the chance to see and feel differently about our daily lives, even if for just a few hours.

Leta wrote a little ditty about it and has some great pics up on her site. Barbara also took part, and was a great sport even though she has to wear black all the time in the Philharmonic.

After everyone left Saturday night, I stayed up for another hour to absorb all of the energy and excitement. And to stare at all the photographs for the hundredth time. Such talent, such creativity, such fun...I'm already scheming the next one...

(more pictures here)


Ashley said...

Would you be offended or flattered if someone in Atlanta copied your idea? Yall are bad-ass. P.S. I love Navy Pier.

Babs said...

Hip-hip hooray for imollie and ihusband. The whole thing was groovy and I have been planning a tribute to it on my blog in the near that I can show off my pictures to my family, including some that weren't part of the original 5. Seriously, thank you for putting so much work into this. And I even got to get to know some groovy new people.

amber said...

wow, you guys are the ultimate of creativity. im so impressed. this is awesome.

i want to see the photos!!!

I, Mollie said...

Ashley - copy away! But we want to hear all about it and see your photos.

Babs - thanks...I'm so glad you were a part of it all.

Amber - come on over and I'll show you all the photos. hee hee.

pops said...

This is so great. You change the winter into wine.

Can I be iPops?

I, Mollie said...

You can DEFINITELY be iPops. You sound like a dessert.

bp said...

You just flat out stinkin' amaze me. I'm stealing, too. So there. If you don't like it, you can come get me. Actually, just come get me. love you~

I, Mollie said...

bp -
you could DEFINITELY do this with your CO friends! the other sweet beets ladies would be great at this. let me know when you get started...

Joyce said...

Hey, those are my five! That almost makes up for that supremely unflattering picture of me that you've got up there.
Thanks for all that planning and stuff. This was the most fun I've had in ages, even if I did bitch about it. But you know me. I bitch about stuff.