Monday, February 25, 2008

Papa's Pictures

Mimi and Papa came for a visit this weekend. They haven't seen a whole lot of snow this season so they were all, "It's snowing!!!" and Brian and I and the kids were all, "And?" and then we were all, "We're over it."

But they weren't. So Papa even went OUTSIDE with the camera. Svea ran around the room in circles saying, "I want hims to come inside! I want hims to come inside!" because DUH who goes out in the snow? Not us.

It's not that we are against snow. It's the ICE we have a problem with. It's the frozen stuff that prevents driving anywhere and making snowballs we can throw and yell KA-POW. It's the clear stuff that makes branches freeze and fall off trees, sounding like gun fire we don't like.

So I didn't even think about getting out my camera until today when, ironically, the snow started melting and the trees could stand upright again.

We all still made it to chapel on Sunday, thank goodness. Even our friends from across town.

Henry prides himself on being the first up the steps.

Will the preacher's kid be a preacher someday? Ummmmm...don't get me started on that one.

Perhaps he'll marry one.

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Anonymous said...

I know you're sick of the snow, but your pictures of it are truly beautiful!
:) Stacy