Sunday, December 14, 2008

I Just Don't Know Where They Hear Such Things

Overheard from the front seat the other morning:

Svea: Don't worry about me.
Henry: I'm not worried about you.
Svea: You are NOT my best friend.
Henry: Yes I am. Say it: I am your BEST FRIEND.
Svea: (sigh) No...I need a break.
Henry: So nip it.
Svea: (another long sigh, chin in hand) I just need a break.

This morning Svea was leaning far down in her chair so that her foot was closer to Brian so she could kick him while he ate breakfast. Brian told her to, "please sit up and eat your cereal."
Svea sighed long and hard and said, "I can only do ONE thing at a time, DAD. (long pause)Good GRIEF."

(Thanks, Bobbie, for these great photos. And I am aware of how this post looks in the wake of the movie post)

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Anonymous said...

Love their conversation in the car. That's so hilarious!! Mine are into the "best friend" stuff too.....where do they hear that? It's not like they hang out with 5th grade girls!!!
:) Stacy