Sunday, December 07, 2008

On Guard! (Is that what knights say?)

In a moment of confused and blurry parental decision making, I bought Henry and Svea foam swords and shields at the Dollar Store. Actually, I bought Henry a sword and shield at his animated request and slipped another set in the cart so Svea could continue learning to protect herself.

We got home and Svea shrugged and said, "I am NOT playing that game" so I played until I was sick of it. Good thing Patches was here and willing.

After Svea watched Patches play, she took a turn. I think she swung everything around for about 42 seconds. That's my girl.


A.M. said...

so great. your tree looks beautimous too - made me think that next up was tree skirts to match stockings! :) hope you've had a good day

Babs said...

Oh, Mollie. Let me know how these sword fighting skills develop. Fencing is an olympic sport, you know. (Beautiful tree, by the way!)