Sunday, December 07, 2008

More Madness...Israeli Style

We have some friends who don't have stockings but do have an interest in archeology and the Middle East.
So what better way for them to celebrate this Christian holiday than with relevant stockings?

A bit of Hamsa jewelry for Lilah to ward off the evil eye:

Palestinian pots from Iron Age I for Jennie:

And a felt interpretation of large glass beads to deflect evil for Menachem:

This is so fun...


Crazy Train said...

Thom is in Israel right now. Your post caught my eye. Not my evil eye:) I have a Hamsa that he brought me from his first trip over.

siduri1 said...

These are so awesome; thank you Mollie! They hang proudly next to the homemade Xmas palm tree.

adrienne said...

Those are amazing in concept and execution! What a great gift.