Saturday, December 20, 2008

School Pictures

I grew up reading this comic strip about Marlys and Maybonne, two sisters tortured by adolescence in the 1970's. They are a celebration of dysfunctional families, funny phrases and cultural embrace.

I read this one about ten years ago about school pictures and have never forgotten it:

If I were Lynda Barry I could wax comically about Henry's hair in these:

and Svea's crooked bangs and war paint (if you look closely, you can see the permanent orange marker with which she colored her cheek bones - and soles of her feet - the night before school pictures. She has never done that before or since School Picture Day):

At least she didn't look like a Band Aid Mummy.


Leta said...

They are adorable!

A.M. said...

OMG!!!! these are so great. PLEASE frame them side by side. we might need to get canvas prints too? can't wait to see you in about 2 hours!!!

Anonymous said...

Can you please explain the background in the individual pictures to me? Is there a rain forest in Evansville that I am unware of? Just thougth I would ask. Hope you have a great Christmas.


bp said...

These are awesome. OMG, I love it. I'm laughing so hard at the comic and just remembering those days. . . I can't believe we're on the other end of it now having to painstakingly prepare the child for it.