Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Divine Fractions

We went camping again, y'all.
And I enjoyed it.

I wish Corinne had...but she got up at 1:33 in the morning and wanted to paint fingernails. Then she wanted to ride her bike. Then she wanted to go potty, so at 2:00am we are in the bath house with the other nighttime critters, balancing on the potty. 
Good times. 

We went for a "hike" the next morning:

And Svea was Wonder Woman, of course.

We took the dog this time and I think she votes we camp every night.

While I was walking along with Svea, Henry had the dog and Brian had Corinne, Svea asked me about fractions. She wanted to know if I knew about them.
I told her that I knew a little about them, but that I wasn't very good at them.
She asked if I knew that the top number was PART of the whole, and the bottom number WAS the whole.
I told her I did.
So she said that that was just like her and God. She was the top number, just part of it all, and that God was the bottom, God as ALL of it.

I had to stop for a minute so my brain could catch up to agree with her.

While Corinne is not enjoying fractions yet, metaphorically or literally, she was enjoying using the flashlights, writing in her journal, walking with Daddy, and being near the camp fires.
And food. Of course, food.

Since Diary of a Wimpy Kid has experienced a resurgence in our house, I brought some old blank notebooks with our camping gear.  Turns out that the kids LOVE to journal by the moonlight.
Corinne kept pointing to the moon, then to her paper and saying, "Circle! circle!"as she scribbled circle after circle.

The next cold morning, we got ready for another hike. Guess who got a lollipop for the journey, and guess who refused to wear a jacket though his lips were blue, and guess who changed clothes 3 times before we left?

Sugar is not the right answer to the guesses...

I hope all of you get the equivalent joy that our 18 hours camping gave us!


Anonymous said...

Wow. I'll never think of fractions the same way. sure love your blogging; thanks

Dianne O. said...

Just love, love, love the budding panentheist that is your fraction-explaining daughter. Made me smile. I'm sure it will be a class illustration at some point, with appropriate credit going to Svea, of course.

I, Mollie said...


As your picture is still a part of our fridge, you are still a part of our daily waking.
Yesterday, Svea asked me if when Santa is delivering gifts to those on the NICE list does he remember to give one to God?
I blundered and then said I thought the ACT of giving to others WAS the gift to God.
She said OH I GET IT and anyway, God already got his gift: JESUS.

That'll preach. Go sister.