Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Halloween 2012

Turns out...Halloween comes very naturally to Corinne, Svea and Henry.  
In that order.

Corinne was a witch with a pink pumpkin bucket and she was enthralled with all the free candy. She was NOT enthralled with her witch hat.

She even stole candy from our own bucket that was for the other Trunk or Treat-ers.

Here is Mr. Bones. Made out of PVC pipes. Ha.

Corinne with her fist full.
Just the way she likes it.

Here's our CREEPY trunk at Trunk or Treat, and Mr. Bones in his knee socks.

Handsome Henry as the Punisher (?!*&%$) and Bieber hair.

Here they are!  Svea as a rock star that is Hannah Montana-ish but the wig was not working so well, so it's more like Miley Cyrus-ish.  Corinne is the hatless witch.  Henry, the Punisher with no weapons allowed.

Happy Halloween, y'all!  Hope all of your candy is already gone and not lingering in your kitchen, dining room, bedroom, lunch box area or dog's bed!!

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