Sunday, November 25, 2012

Drop Out

So some of y'all know that I am an art school drop out.

I'm okay with that.
So instead of going back for Art this Fall, I came up with my own syllabus.  It involved drawing and painting and new recipes and patience and letting things go and massive forgiveness of self and others. All good work, right?

Yessss, it definitely has been.  And I added a yoga class on Thursday nights at J. Darby Farm. So healing.

And I crochet with old ladies the fourth Tuesday of every month, and meet with those struggling with infertility the fourth Monday of every month, and meet with Ladies on the second Monday of every month to discuss Lady Issues, and every Wednesday a group of eclectic awesome women get together to laugh and talk about meaningful stuff. It is a full semester. I am grateful.

I still miss drawing with tragic 18 year olds, but maybe again soon.

For now I'll pull weeds and cook and care for kids and home and husband and grandparents and read and play and crochet and knit and paint and draw and sew and sort and dust and pull things out of the attic as I put things in the attic and then move them to the basement - is anyone else doing this too??

Sweet life, y'all.
I am grateful.


Trista Brom said...

Thank you for all that you pour into my life and so many others. You are a blessing, and I am grateful for you!

amber said...

I love you and think you are wonderful and inspiring.

amber said...

I love you and think you are wonderful and inspiring.