Monday, November 05, 2012

The "W"

On this eve of the presidential election, Svea is gearing up for her report to her class tomorrow.

She has been researching the president of the United States of her choosing for the past few days to present her findings to her class.

Get it?  She could choose ANY PRESIDENT.

So she chose George W. Bush.
In my shock and awe, I asked her why she chose him.

Her answer: he wears a tie and is cute.

She is not allowed to date until she is 39 and is currently moving out of my house.

So instead of dressing up like George W.,  she is taking sugar cookies with a "W" in icing she wrote on them. Remember, these cookies were imprinted with icing tonight and have to survive a bus ride tomorrow with a creative 2nd grader who often forgets her backpack [daily] and likes to shake the cookie container for effect only.

Sidebar: she asked me tonight if she was taking the bus tomorrow. I said, "Yes."
She almost fell off her stool and said "WHY WHY WHY????"
So I looked at her in surprise and she relaxed and said, "OOOOOOOHHHHHHH. I'm taking the bus because I take the bus EVERY morning!"

These "W" cookies are doomed.

I can't make any political comments or apologies or encouragements, so I am sending sugar and a copy of So You Want To Be The President in case they want to read that together during reading time.

God bless the USA, y'all.  Please vote tomorrow.

And then go buy yourself any awesome, beautiful cookie to your liking.

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