Tuesday, January 20, 2015

And There Is Love...

Brian bought a pop-up camper.
He drove to another state to buy it (on a school night!).

I've mentioned before, we are trying to be THAT family.

Here is our progress.

Our progress is standing our driveway and making a scene with the neighbors.  The camper is restored to its original avocado green, though.
I love avocados.

It has an air conditioner. Brian gutted the carpet and put in wood floors.  The he rebuilt the table and benches.  He re-did the electrical and put the fridge back in with a new wood covering. He made the stove look pretty (that's the technical term).

I am working on my attitude.
I will learn to camp.

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Mer said...

hey - why are these old blog posts popping up? this is not a NEW pop up camper is it?? and that pic of corinne painting...that's WAY old in diapers! :) are you regressing? i'm not judging...loving your quotes and movement toward balance...