Thursday, January 15, 2015

Lesson My Impact #1*

This is a bag of empty Colgate tubes of toothpaste, used Colgate toothbrushes, and the boxes they came in:

I got on the Google.
Then I got on
Then I set up an account in the Colgate Brigade.
Then I clicked on 
 "Ship Us Your Waste"
Then Terracycle emailed me a shipping label.
I went to my email and printed out the shipping label and taped it on the (used) large envelope I found in the Used Envelope Place in the drawer. 

Turns out UPS has a store right by Publix!
And we were out of turkey and bread!
Dropped the old Colgate items to ship for free to Terracycle, then got my family some lunch meat.


* For those of you grammar geekies out there, Hello I am one of you! I stressed over the use of Less, Lessen, or Lower for this post. Upon further reading about "measurable quantities of time and distance" and whatnot, I became clear that what I mean to say is that I want to have less of an impact on the environment and I want to lower the measurable quantities of my existing impact. I want to find the lesson in the lessen-ing (do you see what I did there??)   So lessen away, my friends. I'll join you in your efforts.

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