Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Balance is in Motion

A friend asked me recently how my yoga practice was going.
I told her, "Slowly."
She asked me to explain.
Before I could self edit, I said, "I think I was searching so hard for Balance through my yoga, that I lost all my Peace."

I was so glad I had not edited because I didn't know that about myself. Ha.

That interaction set me back about 6 months. 
Then I was inspired by Glennon's "Sacred Scared" series over here.

I was not as familiar with Jen Hatmaker at the time (now I am!!) but was moved by her statement:

I love my family; my children are a gift and this time is short. I so want to be a good mom and good wife and good disciple and good leader, and balance is a lie and I can’t find it even if it is true, and it makes me so afraid.

IKR?!?!? The "balance is a lie" part I found especially free-ing.

So now I am most comfortable with the image of balance being in motion, perhaps swinging a short or long spectrum, depending on the day.

Balance would not be holding hands at equal heights, the good and bad equalling each other. 

The space in the closet matching the dirty laundry pile, the goods and services needs matching the funds in the bank account, the sacrifices matching the gifts in marriage, the mostly-brown bananas making great bread.

Balance would be moving, swinging, knowing the hard swings back to good and that movement is what we seek, what we grasp at, what we live.

I am grateful for that motion today.  

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