Sunday, February 05, 2006

Another Day...

This morning, we got up at 7:30. For the 5th or 6th time. We were up consistently from 2a - 4a and then Brian just moved into Henry's room to sleep with him and Svea was in and out of bed with me. I have no idea what is keeping Henry up, but at 3 this morning I was convinced it was part of some greater plan to have me committed. Seriously.

He was normal today, other then being high maintenance and whiney, so by 8:30am he had already eaten his own breakfast, as well as part of Brian's and most of mine. If there's cake in the house, it's a rule that you get to eat it for breakfast. Then he watched "Thomas the Tank Engine" then we painted then we played ball and then we hugged Svea and I looked at the clock and couldn't BELIEVE that it wasn't time for lunch already.

Here's a picture of the most recent masterpiece. He must be channeling Seurat.

It is so so so cold right now that I'm going to have to come up with some more indoor games or we are all going to go nuts.
Henry has figured out how to say "Henry hungry" and go get in his high chair so that's amusing...and then the other day in the car, he kept saying "nose juice" and I glanced back to see half of his sippy cup mouth piece up one nostril and a big smile behind the rest of the cup.

I feel like I have spent the past five and a half months worrying about what Henry is going to do to Svea and is she okay with him hugging her so tight, etc. But in the past few days, she has become so delighted with him and it struck me that I hadn't even thought about how much SHE would love HIM. I get teary every time that she laughs at him or smiles when he trots back in the room to give me another command.

She's really teething and will chew on her toys so hard that you can hear the plastic squeaking. Still no sign of a tooth though. I expected 7 new ones popped through this morning after such a night - but nothing.
This is her chewing on her butterfly watching Henry paint.

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