Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Big Boy

Yesterday, Henry slept in his Big Boy Bed (twin mattress on the floor) by himself for 2 hours and didn't even get up and wander around. Total victory for us!

He also got up at 1am this morning wanting some milk and to get out of his crib and into his Big Boy Bed. That was kind of a disaster...but well stay positive and hope for another victory this afternoon.

We also had a visitor sitting with Henry at supper last night. Luckily, Henry didn't try to feed him. Especially since all we could get Henry to eat without a fuss was a fork full of Ranch dressing.

Svea ate great last night and loves to hold the fork herself at the end of the bowl of cereal. Sweet girl.

We are pretty sleepy around here, but the sun is out for the second day in a row, Aunt Beth is here, and both kids are smiling and laughing right now.

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Aunt Beth said...

I'm so glad my "date" was a hit at dinner. Mommy, can I have some more "sawwwwce"?