Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Can't Talk Right Now

Henry told me, "I can't talk right now because I'm busy curling my toes while sitting in the bouncy seat I'm too big for and watching Thomas the Tank Engine with my new big-boy hair cut."

Here are some other shots of his hair as we ran around the backyard trying to get all the tiny blonde hairs off of both of us since I had to hold him in my lap while they snipped at his locks. I think they took 4 inches off the back. He wanted to donate to Locks of Love but I wouldn't let him grow his mullet another 6 inches.

He was lovely today, as was Svea, and I only have sleep to thank. We all three took 2-hour naps this afternoon. I woke smiling in my sleep to a quiet house, dreaming of tater tots. There is NO better way to wake up than that.

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