Tuesday, February 21, 2006

My Very Own Basket of Toys

We have been battling fevers and whiney melt-down episodes since Mimi and Papa left on Sunday. There was even a little vomiting going on Saturday and when a child starts to vomit milk and bread while sitting in the leather chair with Daddy, you DEFINITELY want a mother or mother-in-law there to help. Thank goodness Mimi was here to get extra towels and gently make suggestions while Brian and I tried to figure out whether comforting Henry was as important as getting the chunks off of our favorite chair. Priorities.

So Henry went down for an early nap today, still feeling bad and a little dehydrated, and Svea woke up THE MINUTE he fell asleep. Somedays, I swear, they talk to each other to conspire against parental napping.
I stole Brian's pillows, propped her all up and offered her a basket of toys I gleaned from Henry's stash. She was in total heaven. Crystal Blue Persuasion.

Her new main thing is making raspberry sounds with her tongue - for like 5 mintues straight.
Tomorrow I am whipping out the bibs again.

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