Monday, February 27, 2006

Did you know...

That if you run up an aluminum ramp at a baseball stadium and really do your heels hard first before slapping your toes down in shoes that are a little too big, it will make a really loud banging noise and bother all the fans?

That if your parents are in the picking-your-battles phase of the afternoon and don't make you wear your hat or heavy coat, that your fingers will turn really red and be hard to move and you can hold them up like claws to your mommy and say, "Hurt? Hurt?" and you're so cute she won't even say, "Toldyaso."?

That when your baby sister is teething she makes funny faces and her nose gets real pink in the cold?

That if you wake up at 5:30am for one week straight and have both parents waving their white flags by 8:30am then you have officially WON that day?

That chocolate milk is now officially called "cookie milk" since it's like having a cookie IN your milk?

That Life cereal is now officially "monkey cereal" because Curious George is on the box?

That if you throw 3,492,888 convulsive fits in one afternoon, you may just be a toddler, but you may just be hungry too?

That if you throw one arm up in the air and then slowly lower your body onto the ground while crying like a fire engine full blast, you'll kinda look like Laertes dying at the end of Hamlet and your mom may smile a little before starting to cry a little herself?

That tomorrow is another day, thank goodness?

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