Saturday, April 22, 2006


Henry is officially obsessed with baseball.
But only until he sees the Alabama football pre-game-get-yourself-pumped-up video his father keeps out year-round.
Or until he sees a golf clip on CNN Headline news.
Or sees his soccerball getting rained on in the backyard.

But when we are at the baseball or softball field he is ALL ABOUT IT. Especially when sitting with his handsome Daddy who agrees to keep chasing him up and down the stairs and ramps so Mama can sit still with Svea for the first time all day.

Svea likes the games too, but she pretty much is proving to like everything. Even her brother when he pegs her in the head with sharp objects.

There was a softball double-header today which means that the gods were shining down on Brian and me to give us an afternoon activity for 4 straight hours.

Bike Race was also today which is the University of Evansville's small-scale version of the big Bike Race up in Indy that I grew up knowing about from the 1979 movie Breaking Away. So we went and clapped for the "bikey-cycles" then proceeded to the softball field for the rest of the Activity Portion of the afternoon.

Svea wore a little purple dress that our sweet friend Eilidh lent us and played with her chew toy in the stroller the whole time. I had to squeeze her arm and leg rolls about every half a second while she wore that dress. In this picture she is saying "ooo ooo" to the ducks on her shoes. Precious smart child.

Those deltiods and biceps are so developed too. If she flexed, she might really be able to take her brother down.

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