Monday, April 24, 2006

In the Morning...

(this is Henry Easter morning between sips of juice and lap 592 around the house)

Henry wakes up so happy in the morning. He also wakes up running, but he is also very very happy.

The routine is that he wakes up and climbs into bed with us, we snuggle and then Brian brings him downstairs so I can snooze until Svea wakes. What a good hubby. So Brian and Henry let the dog out, bring in the paper, feed the dog, start the coffee, and watch Bob the Builder while Henry drinks diluted orange juice through a straw (that's an important detail) and eats dry cereal.

Lately, we have been letting him stay up a little later. After his bath, he gets to come back downstairs for about 30 minutes and hang out before it's time for the Big Boy Bed. The last 3 nights, when he comes downstairs after his bath, he runs around a little (of course) and then wants orange juice and cereal and "Bob dee Beeeelder???"

We initally thought it was just the DNA he shares with his Pops that he would want cereal before bed.
But then I started thinking, maybe it's more than that.

He wakes up so happy, maybe he is trying to re-visit what he remembers as a happy time in his day...when all is beginning and the light is long across the hard-wood floors and the juice is cold, the cereal, crisp, and Daddy and Mama's coffee, so hot. Everything is fresh and new.

And then I realized that I still have college textbooks that are now outdated and haven't been opened in 7 years.
I have clothes that I bought during particularly happy times in life.
I am watching Saturday Night Live on a Monday night.

Do Brian and I teach him to do this? or does everyone try to re-enact happy days past, happy moments past, happy anything?

Whatever it is, I'll make him all kinds of cereal and let him watch TV at night as I try to understand him. And maybe he'll start liking American Idol as much as he likes Bob dee Beeelder.

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leta joy said...

What a great post. I love your comparisons. I think its just that Henry is exceptionally intelligent, of course. That totally explains everything, doesn't it?