Friday, April 07, 2006

Corn Holin'

Last Saturday we went to Lexington for the day.

Before leaving Evansville, though, we stopped by Jennie, Menachem and Lilah's new house for a little housewarming gathering that involved doughnuts. I'm not sure how many doughnuts Henry actually had because he was coming to me and Brian for "bites" and Brian and I were not always in the same room. So when we got in the car, there was a major sugar crash (if you look closely you can see sugar all over his face):

Svea followed suit with her regular morning nap and Brian and I had a full conversation without being interrupted.

When we got to Lexington, Henry discovered Mardi Gras beads are fun to wear, even when it's April Fool's Day. So he took all the necklaces save one from little 3-year-old Gus who was doing his best to share with Henry.

While Henry was putting on and taking off the beads, Brian and I discovered corn holing, which you too can discover here.
That game is so fun that I went right out to Rural King this week an dbought me some corn and Brian looked up the plans to build the ramps. He and I only played one round and I was so sore the next day I could barely lift Svea's car seat.
When we have it all set up in the back yard, all of you are invited to come and get wooped at corn holin'.

We made it back safely that night, concluding our first successful day trip in the midwest with young children in the car.

I think Cincinnati is next...

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mer said...

I can just hear you saying...
"i went and bought me some corn" dad gumit.
love you