Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Egg Hunting

We had an Easter Egg Play Date in the backyard yesterday, complete with sprinkler, balls, swing, slide, basketball goal and tractor. What else do you need in life, really.

Andrea brought this intertube-like sprinkler that all the kids loved and got soaked running through it. Before everyone got there, Warren and Henry jumped all around it and Henry even tried to drink from it. Lovely.

We finally threw all the eggs in the yard and most of them got the idea that you were supposed to collect them and put them in your basket. Henry really loves to step on the eggs and watch them crack.

Lindsey and Arwyn may have been the best collectors...though Danny had some good help from Mommy.

Svea stayed in the pack-n-play with the other 8-month-old, Aubrey. At first I felt bad about caging her up, but it was really for her own protection. Since the tractor was out and all. Then she kept me up until four this morning, so now I really don't feel bad. I think she'll have 5 new teeth by Saturday.

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