Tuesday, April 18, 2006


We had a really busy weekend.

We had, like, 487 family members in town for Svea's baptism Easter morning. Everyone got here by Saturday afternoon and the weather was so nice we played Cornhole in the backyard forever and I don't even have one picture of it to show you. But it was fun.

Here's a picture of the whole fam at the service Sunday morning:

And one of our little family:

And my sweet brother as my diaper-bag caddy:

Henry finally slowed down Monday morning and played gently with Svea so I moved at warp speed to grab the camera and capture the moment:

Then Svea took a nap and came outside to join Henry, our friend Danny, Aunt Beth and me. She kept looking at me and grinning this grinny face so I made this picture my desktop wallpaper and every time Henry sees it he says, "Svea cry?" Her smile does border a grimace, but it's a really cute grimace is it not?

So Svea played in the pool with the pit balls, and Danny ran around some, and Henry practiced "throwing" the ball with the dog. He's loving his newest phrase, "drop it, Mollie, DROP IT!"
For those of you who didn't know, or forgot, the dog and I share the same name. I wish I could forget it.

We're loving having Aunt Beth here and I just might cry when she leaves. The other night, I went upstairs and came back down and she had loaded the dishwasher and wiped the counters. Without being asked. Did I mention that I would cry when she left? Not to mention how fun she is at playdates with other moms or at library storytime or just hanging around at night. Plus, she has yet to beat me at Cornhole.

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