Thursday, April 27, 2006

This One is for Grannie

Brian's Grannie Smyly got this T-shirt for Henry when he was born, and I have been waiting to put it on Svea since she was born.

Grannie got to hold Henry and love on him a little as a newborn, but passed away when he was a few months old.

I think she smiled with me today watching Svea play.


AandJS said...

what a cutie!

i finally found your blog. im so excited you have one! i have a lot of catching up to do though...i think i missed the day you sent out the link (maybe i was gallivanting around honduras?).

we are starting a blog now too. it is linked from our website.

love you,

Aunt Beth said...

Such an unattractive t-shirt with such a sweet thought/memory behind it. I'm sure Grannie is beyond proud of beautiful Svea.