Sunday, June 04, 2006

Trapping Rain

Henry, Svea and I went to a garage sale on Saturday and found a piggy bank shaped like a baseball. It's made out of aluminum or something so in order to stop him from throwing it all the time, I tried to begin teaching the value of saving.

My sister gave me this cool vase a few years ago that I keep loose change in in my bedroom. So I retrieved the vase and taught Henry to grab a coin and drop it in the slit on the baseball bank and he could hear it clink to the bottom. Then he could even shake the ball and hear the change rattle around. Fun for all.

So he sat still and did this for about 10 minutes (I read a blog and finished my coffee. Svea napped.) and then he started saying, "Rain. Rain."
I looked down and he was pointing to the bubbles trapped in the glass of the blue vase.



Anonymous said...

Hi Mollie. I'm so glad that B sent me your blog address. I have enjoyed seeing how big and beautiful Henry and Svea have gotten. Everytime I hear of someone keeping a blog I think of Stewart and the service-learning gang and how much they always wanted people to record their thoughts. I prefer to keep mine to myself. Does that make me a bad person? I sure miss you guys a lot! Keep blogging.
-Andy Z.

iMollie said...

No way does that make you a bad person to want to keep your thoughts to yourself! Thanks for reading our random thoughts about our crazy life. Hope to see you soon.