Monday, June 19, 2006

Gorham's Bluff

I need to give some major props.

After my brother's wedding on June 10th (pictures and stories of that to come), some of my family went up to a bed & breakfast called Gorham's Bluff in Pisgah, Alabama. I had heard before we left that some people call it "Bore-ham's Gluff" due to the lack of things to do, but I thought, there's a huge flat screen TV in our rental and a pool...we'll be fine. I had no idea just how fine until I saw the white robes hanging in our walk-in closet and found out they bring fresh bottled water to your rental every day. Not to mention changing your sheets, fresh towels and a basket full of junk food snacks. Every. Day.

Here's Twelve Oaks, the house we rented:

Then we went to the pool and they had these chairs:

Notice the roll-out tray underneath and the different angles at which to prop your knees. Also, a cooler full of cold bottled water (refilled each morning) in case you get thirsty while doing nothing.

There was a playground right beside the pool that Lydia and Henry loved...and Meredith and I loved that Bobbie and Pops were there to take them down the slide.

Henry is finally showing consistent interest in the pool and got in it every day that we let him. Here he is letting Pops throw him "up in dee sky! up in dee sky!"

Svea loved crawling around in between the pool and playground, and then loved getting in the water with her Bobbie.

We had to walk past the pool on our way to our gourmet breakfast each morning...which was unbelievable. It was served at the Lodge (where you can also rent a room):

Our table was positioned on the back porch overlooking the bluff that allows a view of Tennessee and Georgia I think. It was pretty wherever it was. There was a gazebo that Lydia and Henry ran to after we let them get up from their fresh cherry pancakes, toasted granola with honey and blueberries, fresh juice and organic coffee. Some days offered an egg souffle thing with ham or corn hash in the middle, grits or hashbrowns and always fresh biscuits with 3 different kinds of jelly. I don't even really get in to food that much - Brian does - but I began planning my days around this breakfast after the first morning. Here is Henry and Lydia with tummies full:

Now some of you may be wondering how in the world a family like ours can stay at a place so luxurious and that's when we all four sing in unison THANK YOU BOBBIE AND POPS FOR THE AMAZING GETAWAY AFTER AN EMOTIONAL WEEKEND.

We are all still adjusting from being so spoiled for a week. I'm out of Snickers and bottled water.

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leta joy said...

It looks amazing! Great photos.