Friday, June 02, 2006

Our Very Own X-Man

Brian and I went on a date Tuesday night and saw the new X-Men movie.
Whenever Brian wants to see something like that - something that comes from a COMIC BOOK - I totally think I am going to hate it. But I have now seen all three of the X movies and I LOVE them.
This last one was really good and I was a little tense at the end from how stressed I got through the movie. I had to do neck stretches in the car. It was that good.

Last weekend, Bobbie had these wings at her house and Henry picked them out and made her put them on him.

Our sweet little mutant.


aunt mer-ness and lydeela said...

i love a little angel with a farmer tan! can't wait to squeeze him next week.

Cuz said...

He would make his cousin Samwell proud!!! I always wanted to be Rogue.

iMollie said...

hey cuz - have you seen the movie yet?

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