Tuesday, June 27, 2006

JUST like...

Henry, Henry, Henry...how do I begin this post...
He is such a toddler. His language development has been a total crack up lately, in addition to being fascinating as he describes his relationship with the world around him. For instance, most of his actions have to be, "JUST like (insert noun here)." The "JUST" comes out high pitched and sing-songy.

He loves Brian's Razz motor scooter and will sit on the step to the garage and stare at it for long periods of time. By "long periods" I mean that I whip my head into the side porch area every few minutes because the quiet still is too suspiscious...but, lo, he sits and stares at the Razz. So the other day he went and got his new tricycle and parked it next to the Razz, "JUST like Daddy's mo-cycle" so it could take a nap there in the garage while he slept in his bed.

He puts on his shoes "JUST like Mommy" and his new belt, "JUST like Daddy." He plays the big guitar "JUST like Pops" and sings BEE-DIE-DINGY-OH. Which is BINGO in Henry speak.
He rides his tractor "JUST like Papa" and Henry has a back "JUST like the old ladies sitting behind us in a restaurant." Those old ladies asked me what he meant and I just looked at them and explained that they have backs on their bodies, and so does Henry. I thought it was funny. They thought we were weird.

Brian and I went to our friends Barbara, Thomas and Calvin's house to put together a swing set last weekend (so Henry could hammer "JUST like Thomas"). Henry and Calvin threw the ball to each other...sort of. Only like one time, really.

And Barbara held Svea as long as she would let her. Then she was back on the ground eating dirt and leaves and crawling after the boys. Svea, that is, not Barbara.

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leta joy said...

love the tricycle and F the old ladies, dude.