Monday, June 19, 2006

The Acrobat

Before bed time, Brian and I have begun a ritual with the kiddos that is so blessed right now, but we may live to regret. Only due to the bruising.

After baths, Henry and Svea play on the floor a bit, and then we put Svea in her crib. Then Henry pretends to fall off his bed until Brian and I exclaim that UH OH Henry fell down and MY GOODNESS we hope he is OKAY. He loves that part.
And then he runs to one of us to "knock us over" with a hug. He'll count to three and say in a whisper, "Don't kick the Mommy" as maybe a personal reminder and because I say that 792 times a day, and then he charges forward.

The other night, he adapted his hug into a routine. That boy has some back muscles. I had the camera on motion setting to prevent blurry photos, but he would pose with his feet like that...sometimes they came yoga-ly close to his head. I think he gets that from his Pops.

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