Monday, June 19, 2006


I got to play in the backyard all day today. It was kinda hot. It didn't bother me though since I was concentrating on having a running commentary on everything in sight, such as:

"Drop the ball, Mollie. Drop it dropit dropit dropitdroptheballMollienow!"


"I see tree. I see tractor. I help mow dee grass. So nice of Henry to mow grass. Helping Mr. Jay mow grass. So nice."


"Slide. Swing. Ball. Ball. Ball. I running! Henry run so fast."

But these are just the things my Mommy can remember since I did talk the whole entire day.

I got to eat a lot today since I am refusing baby food and want the big stuff. My mouth kinda hurts too. I think my two new front teeth will be the size my Daddy currently has.

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ihusband said...

There's nothing wrong with big teeth. As long as you use them for good.