Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bobbie and Pops!

Bobbie and Pops came to visit last weekend.

Lately we have noticed that when we get together with them, Henry immediately assumes Pops is there at his disposal, almost in a personal slave kind of way, and Svea entertains Bobbie.

I hate to assign gender roles already, but Henry is very clear that it is Pops who lines up the cars to have a parade on the dining room table and who will play t-ball with the tennis ball for AN HOUR (which in toddler time translates to 3 days in one afternoon) and will pick up sticks and play hide-and-go-seek and everything else that His Highness commands.

Svea, though she will smile and let Pops hold her, will go to Bobbie for the stirring of the "bowls" in the "kitchen" and the trips down the slide (while Henry sits in a toy box??!?) and the repeating of all phrases (especially "thank YOU!" which is her new main thing).

We had a great visit with them (I bet they are exhausted) and thanks to all their babysitting hours, Brian and I got to test drive and eventually buy a new car. The sexy new cream puff.

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