Monday, January 08, 2007

Window Washing

When we went to the lake over Christmas, we were there maybe 4 hours.
During that time, my dad Pops got to try out his new squeegie on the outside windows.

He let Lydia help with the final shine and while they were concentrating on that,

Henry was so delighted he could see his reflection that he had to lick the window.
That's MY son.

Here's Meredith and me laughing at the scene:

So I thought that was the end of it. Until we get home from the holidays and FIVE DAYS LATER Henry goes digging in his toy box to find HIS squeegie thing (that air pump for his new soccer ball) to wash our windows.

Yes, he is still in his pajamas and still refuses to wear pants indoors.

During most of the window washing at the lake, Svea was eating crackers next to her Aunt Meredith.


pops said...

your son is a genius. love you.

iMollie said...

he IS a genius! thank goodness for all the clean windows in my house now.

leta joy said...

Get that boy some Windex and put him to work!