Saturday, January 13, 2007


We have owned Play-Doh for awhile now, but I have kept it as a back-pocket-rainy-day activity and amazingly haven't had to use it yet. However, the other day, our friends Barbara, Calvin and Suzana initiated Henry and Svea into the world of smushy shape making. It was time.

Svea loved poking her finger in it. Uncle Brad, doesn't your index finger do that bend thing when you salute? Awesome that you and Svea share genes. Awesome.

Here's Henry.

And here's Henry eating some. I think.

Don't all kids eat a little Play-Doh?

The answer to that question is YES.

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leta joy said...

I have a total love-hate relationship with the play doh. Can you have a relationship with play doh? I love that she will play with it for a long time. I hate that I have to sit there and make 400 cupcakes. I love it when she makes shapes and then plays with them. I hate cleaning it up.