Saturday, January 13, 2007


We joined the Children's Museum! Alert the press! Our life is so exciting!

Seriously though, there is a new Children's Museum of Evansville (cMoe) downtown that is awesome. The executive director is a friend of a friend of ours from Birmingham (December Warren went to Samford with Chuck Jeane) and she has done a fantastic job putting together/collaborating and designing this creative place for kids.

I think it may be perfect once our kids are 4 or 5, but they still had fun.

Here they are getting "weighed" in the digger. Or something.

And building a bridge:

And wearing hard hats while launching balls to the ceiling:

And playing with bean bags that go on a scale to learn how to balance what you eat with your activities. I secretly loved it that Svea was running around and dancing with the "Dancing" bean bag...

I think Carter and Graham will love this place. Reggie, you need a weekend trip with Kristin out of town? COME ON UP!

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Reggie said...

A visit to the pancake state would have been perfect for this weekend, however we have tickets to the Fox Theater in Hotlanta to see High School Musical on Monday. (hey we have it on DVD, Ipod, CD, paperback novel, poster set and the new board game, might as well see it live). CRH is beside himself with excitement and GAH is moderately excited about the play and more excited that we get to ride the train. Reggie