Monday, January 29, 2007

The Days

We've had some funny days around here lately...some that I laugh at now, and others that I hope make me laugh in a few years.
I'm really holding out for that.

The past week, Henry has been quoting random phrases from movies at random times. He told me the other morning that he was "going to have MERCY on himself!"
Thank goodness for that, Henry. I'm not sure what movie that's from. I think "The Little Mermaid".
He also thinks that all zebras say, "Zzzzzziplock fresh!" since Marty on "Madagascar" says that one time - and only one time - in a not-so-memorable moment in the movie.

Svea likes movies too, but is much more interested in pointing and talking. She'll point to the TV and say, "Doovie?" about a million times. Her newest fave (just recently replacing her Thank You!) is "Help you?" whenever she wants to fit a weird top on a bottle that won't fit, or when she wants to get in the bath tub instead of her crib at nap time, or open the pantry so she can stick her hand all the way through the dog food bag.

She also has discovered how to ask for a cookie, which she calls a "tookie," and since I am in third grade, I giggle every time at how she almost said "dookey" (if that's how you spell it). Since Papa went around the yard pointing out the dog poop to Henry and yelling, "Dookey!" for all the neighbors to hear and cracking Henry up, I'm not the only one laughing.

Have I mentioned that Brian has been out of town for 5 days? He needs to return soon or I'm going to start laughing about boogers too.

Henry found this pencil on my desk yesterday and wanted me to put it behind his ear just like Daddy does when he's working in the workshop. I think he's really missing him.

I bought some flowers at Sam's trying to perk myself up (both kids had major crying fits through the shopping experience and when all items were placed in the cart, I couldn't find my debit card and, FYI, Sam's only takes Discover and Mastercard and I don't have those cards. Who doesn't take Visa? WHO?).

We not only have fresh flowers, but we have a fresh new modem. It is AMAZING what you can fill your time with when your Internet is down for two days. I almost hugged the cable guy when he came on a SUNDAY and checked all our wires and connections IN THE SNOW then replaced our modem right then so I wouldn't have to go out and buy one juggling naps and weather and two toddlers. But I didn't hug him.

Brian will be home tonight, the stars will align and all will be well.
Thank goodness for that, too.


Your husband said...

What a crappy husband. That guy sucks. You have to buy your own flowers?

iMollie said...

i did buy my own flowers to put in the awesome, handmade porcelain bowl he bought me in Beersheba, TN while he was gone. but if he leaves again soon, i'm going to hurt him. bad.

Beth said...

I would question any trips to cities containing the word beer. Sounds fishy to me.

leta joy said...

No modem???!! EMERGENCY!! EMERGENCY!! Glad everything is fixed and the hubs is home.