Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Missing Uncle Johnnie

We eased into the day this morning by listening to a little Legend from Bob Marley and I explained to Henry that this was Uncle Johnnie's favorite.
He was quiet a minute, then he decided, "It's MY favorite, toooooooooooo."
So he loves Bob Marley, along with Mary Poppins, the Little Mermaid and Prince Ali Ababwa.
I'm glad everyone gets along so well in his world.

He also has decided that he loves to go fishing. Here is his pole:

And this is his fishing hole:

He likes to drop toys down the center of the roll, fish for them awhile, then have me tip the roll back so he can retrieve the car or truck. I mean, the fish.

He told Brian and me the other day that Uncle Johnnie would take him fishing as soon as he got home from WORK.

oKAY mr. inFLECtion.

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Ashley said...

Henry sounds sassy - I gotta meet this kid again soon.