Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New Afternoon Routine

The Reitz Memorial Tigers football team practices in a field two blocks from our house. You can hear the coaches' whistles from about 3:15 until 7pm most weekdays. There is no escaping that whistle with a three-year-old.

So the past few weeks, we wake up from naps (or Rest Time), piddle and snack, then head down to the field to watch practice.
We last about 20 minutes when we forget to bring our own cletes, football and helmet.
We last about 5 minutes if there are no cars parked on the street to offer us some shade to sit in.
We last about 25 minutes if I have any say about it. For some reason I am totally embarrassed to be watching a high school team through a gate with two children, two LOUD children who are asking questions about the players every 7 seconds, questions that the players can HEAR them ask since we are about 4 feet from them during their warm-up drills. I guess some high school anxieties never leave you.

Henry can't wait to be in high school now and asks me to repeat "the plan" several times a day: he has to eat all his food at mealtimes, sleep all night long, study hard for his classes and THEN he'll be in high school and can have shoulder pads and a mouth guard?
Where do I even begin with this kid?

Today when we were throwing the ball on the sidewalk by the football players, he kept talking to me and jumbling all his words. I finally asked him to please tell me what he was saying and he said, "Wait a minute. I have to take out my guard mouth."

The uniform Henry picked out for today's practice was a white undershirt so he could be on the white team, soccer shorts, one black knee sock (that used to be mine) and one black short sock, cletes. Don't forget the sticker helmet and the football.
All Svea needed was her Alabama hat that she wore for 4.8 seconds.

On Sunday when we were watching the scrimmage on the very same field, he sat down on the sidewalk and said really boldly, "I hope I don't poop in my pants here. THAT would not be good. You have to poop in the POTTY."
I would find that kid some shoulder pads and a mouth guard that fit at this point if he would poop on the dang potty.

Svea stays pretty entertained the whole time, that accommodating kid, as long as I wear sunglasses she can take on and off and then claim to be a "Mooooooovie Star!!" every time she puts them on herself. Upside down.
I also have to be loaded with snacks and she happily nibbles away for the duration.

Not a bad afternoon routine, despite my embarrassment, I must admit. Especially as the weather cools and I enjoy the walk there and the long way home before iHusband gets home from work.

I predict the same rhythm for tomorrow..and the next day...and for as long as Henry chooses to sleep with his helmet and ball and want to throw a few before breakfast.


aunt merpha said...

this is the greatest scrapbook/childhood journal that any kid could ever want, and much more than most mom's do.
miss you

Diane said...

Fantastic tales and experiences you do tell--as always!

You moved!!! Hopefully I can find you the next time I am in town!

Blessings and of course,
Roll tide!!!

Beth said...

what a great post! We need to get this kid a guard mouth :) Miss you guys!!!

Leta said...

Why in the world are YOU embarrassed?!! There is nothing more embarrassing on the planet than a high school boy. NOTHING. Just keep that in mind. Also, Roll Tide or whatever.

Brad said...

Goose bumps...Roll Tide!

mr mcpooperson from singapore said...

dear henry, dont worry, i have the same anxiety about pooping in my pants in public places, particularly while watching high school sports. this, too, shall pass. stay strong.

much love & support