Thursday, September 27, 2007

No Pics

I haven't taken a picture in 3 days that's worth anything.
I hate it when I get this way...but my energy has been elsewhere. Like potty training.

So, a few weeks ago while Svea was in the bathtub, Henry leaned over the edge of the tub and asked her, "How's your big butt doing?"
And Svea looked back at her rear end and said, "Uhhh, fine."
We don't usually say "butt" around here thanks to my upbringing. We do say a lot of "bum" and "bottom" and the like. I tried hard to aim my laughter towards the hallway.

Henry has been much more friendly with strangers this week and likes to begin his conversation with innocent patrons at the grocery with statements like, "When you are pooping on the potty, sometimes you have to wait and wait and wait and wait." This is when I like to see how fast I can push a grocery cart full of 2 kids and food for an entire week.

Svea is saying sweet and hilarious things - all in complete and delicious sentences - but I'm afraid writing them would rob them of their cuteness. Especially because, as iHusband points out, she still talks like a foreign exchange student who is visiting while graciously putting up with all of our antics. It doesn't help that I've cut her hair like Amelie. She may really be French.

At "school" this morning, Henry tackled a classmate named Luke. Apparently he has explained to his teachers that EVERYTHING is, in fact, football. Even learning about letters. So when they got to the gym today for Play Time and he tackled Luke, THEY DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING. Then when I picked him up, they told me that usually they don't allow tackling but since Luke didn't mind, neither did they.
They are under his spell.
The spell that makes football a great equalizer, a defining factor in life's grand equation, a scary foreboding element in this mom's future.
What in the WORLD.

In addition to the funny things. Henry and Svea have both been textbook sweet to each other today, kissing each other's boo-boos and apologizing when the football cletes land on bare toes.
After "rest time" this afternoon, Henry immediately went to Svea and kissed her on the head and asked her if she missed him while she slept.
For all of you out there with no kids. this moment just described equals total redemption. For at least 10 whole minutes.
And sometimes 10 minutes feels like a lifetime.


elliesmommy said...

How sweet! Ellie has been asking about them. We may have this baby today, maybe we could get together and let the older ones play together next week.

aunt amber said...

oh you have made my sides hurt from laughing so much at this post! and then i became teary because i miss those sweet kids and you guys incredibly! did you realize your detailed descriptions can evoke so much emotion??! i love reading these posts.

love you too