Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Racking in the Parenting Awards

Svea has always loved wearing sunglasses.

She finds them in every corner of our house, shoves them on her face upside down leaving fingerprints all over them and declares herself MOOOOOOOOVIE STARRRRR.

So when I have on my prescription glasses she always wants to try them, and I usually resist in fear of ruining her vision early. I'm still holding on to the chance that both kids inherited Brian's 20/20.

But one night I gave in. And it was hilarious. She was holding them to her face, looking at the carpet and high-knee marching around the room.

I couldn't see her doing this, of course, but Brian was laughing so much he had to go get the camera and record it for me so that when I got my smudgy glasses back I could see how cute she was in them.

Once again, parenting awards abound in our house.

I should also get one for letting Henry pee in the parking lot when I picked him up from school today, too.


Leta said...

Letting your kid pee in any public place, stall or not, automatically garners a parenting award. No application necessary.

Anonymous said...

I always let Calvin pee in the parking lot. In fact, last week, I let him pee outside the toy store because I didn't know where the bathroom was. I don't know what I will do with Suzana...I have always envied the male ability to pee standing up without making a complete mess.


iMollie said...

AWESOME. it's great to have friends like y'all.