Monday, September 24, 2007

Weagle, Weagle...

Henry and Svea got to go to their first Auburn game this past weekend!

All the details that went in to organizing that Saturday's events are amazingly intricate, emotionally loaded, and so over the top you would think we had been trying to plan a peace process between warring nations.
Some may say that IS what we were doing.

In the end, Brian and I boarded a plane to attend Anis and Neda's wedding in Maryland (a separate post about that to come) while Henry and Svea spent time with my parents and Brian's.
Mimi and Papa took them down to Auburn to cheer and tailgate with Aunt Brooke, to high-five Aubbie (sp?) the mascot and sit through the first quarter of the game. They lasted about 5 hours I hear, though by the time they got to the game Henry wouldn't stop complaining about the sun being in his eyes until Papa gave him his own sunglasses.

Here Henry is with Brooke and Trent:

Svea chose to read her books in the car on the way down to Auburn instead of napping, so she was a little grumpy and didn't want to smile - or let go of her cup - for the photo ops:

But it was only because she was so sleepy:

I love this one of Henry growling like a tiger with Aunt Brooke:

And Henry getting a good look at the cheerleaders, perched on Papa's shoulders, proudly wearing the button with Brooke's face on it, as well as his new jersey and his tiger face paint:

And the game:

So, for all our blood relatives, for our legacy at Auburn, for our dear Aunt Brooke,
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar Eeeeaaaagle, HEY.

P.S. I am on the fence about the words to the Alabama and Auburn cheers and fight songs since they all contain swear words at some point...any parental advice out there about letting a 3-year-old cheer and pump his fist in pure devotion to the excitement of cheering for something...but maybe using 4-letter words?


Team Avery said...

It seems that in my family four letter words come out at just about everything- so I say raise your cup and sing to all the hoopla that is sec football. that being said I don't know why Team Avery is on edge on Saturdays in the fall, maybe if we had other cheers and chants for other parts of our life we wouldn't be so tense?!?!?

Caseface said...

War Eagle!! Henry looks great in the face paint!

Oh yeah, and Go Dawgs, Sick 'Em!

iMollie said...

Thanks for the input and support, Team Avery.

I guess it was a good game day for you, Caseface!