Saturday, September 08, 2007

Sticker Time

Football fever has hit our house full on and Henry spent a long time the other night getting ready for the game. He's on the Singapore-frog-sticker-Spiderman team so those are the stickers that now adorn the beloved helmet.

We are thinking about getting him a helmet that actually fits him and has padding and everything since Henry thinks it's a goal to BE tackled, not something to avoid.

He has taken to grunting when throwing the spiral passes at his Dad, especially when all Daddy wants to do is check his email. I guess the grunt is a good addition since it gives the slightest warning before the ole pig skin pokes Daddy in the eye.

Just like last year, whatever color shirt any family member chooses for that day designates his or her "team" and if you want Henry to fully complete a task, you must call him "John Parker Wilson" or "hey there football player" or even "Johnny Mack Brown." The hot dogs in his scrambled eggs tonight were also footballs.

There were no footballs at the model train exhibition we tried to go to today, so we promptly left and found a high school scrimmage going on in the same field as a kiddie flag football game between two elementary schools. We only stayed there about 20 minutes though because Henry didn't have the right football pants on. To WATCH the game. He is such the perfect combination of his father and me.

That said, any questions or comments made about this post will be sent directly to iHusband's inbox.
With love and a gruntled spiral pass.

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pops said...

Johnny Mac Brown is way cooler than my nom de plume, "Jimmy Crack Corn".