Sunday, September 30, 2007

Visit with the Matthews

Cousin Lydia came to play!

We have had quite the weekend...
First, we tried to go to the Funk in the City art show downtown with all three kids. The art was great, having the young children there was not.
Henry and Lydia did well holding hands with Uncle Scott on the way into the festival:

But once we were in there, Svea wanted to push the stroller into all of the tents with glass and pottery. Lydia wanted to ride in the stroller and Henry wanted to ride on Brian's shoulders the whole time. Until he found out that the Rotary International tent was selling hot dogs.

So we ate a hot dog. For 20 minutes. We were only there at the festival for 45.

While Henry and I dined on the curb, Lydia and Svea took apart the flowers on this bush.

So maybe art festivals will go better (or at least longer) in another year or two with the kids.

Baseball in the driveway was a total hit, though:

Swing, batta batta batta, suh-wing.

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