Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Getting Over It

A few months ago, one of my favorite writers, Dooce, wrote an article - actually it was a letter to her daughter - in "Real Simple Living." Entirely moving and poignant, Dooce reminded all parents and caregivers out there how much we learn from our children.

Since then I have been more aware of the steep learning curve I climb each dark morning with Svea pulling on my arm, inviting me to have orange juice and Pops' cereal with her.

I thought I would start listing some of the more obvious Life Lessons I am learning from Henry and Svea in my trusty captain's log. The first, and maybe hardest in-the-moment lesson is the one to Just Get Over It.
Seriously this lesson touches all of the Perception of Actual Time lessons I face, as well as the How Much Life Can Offer If You Live in Thirty-Minute Increments lessons. You gotta get over it AND move on.
This is hard work, people.

There is no understanding of grudges and resentment by them, nor is sarcasm a useful tool.
What a relief. But what a bizarre reality in our culture.

So I am grateful for Henry and Svea's ability to be entirely emotionally present in a heated moment and then to completely be over it in the next. As we discuss consequences and do-unto-others, their anger is gone though their memory isn't. So maybe anger doesn't have to be a part of democracy.

Again, what a relief. Thanks, kids.

(and thank you, Leta, for these pictures)


auntie in singapore said...

i love this post.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Mollie! How true that kids are forgiving and yet it's so difficult for us. A beautiful and moving post...
Hope to see you in "the Ham" soon. We'll be around the 6th - 27th and would love to hang out.
:) Stacy

Joyce said...

Definitely a lesson I need to learn. And relearn. Daily, even. Thanks, Mollie.