Sunday, November 18, 2007

We May Have Gone Too Far on This One

This poll question on the left was a serious one tonight.

And we may have really crossed a line - a blogging line - in making it public here. But our vision is cloudy here, you see? Our understanding of what is appropriate conversation is now murky waters.
So to us, this was funny, and to Henry, very serious.

Help us out with the answer.

Just an FYI, Big Al is the mascot for University of Alabama and Henry and Svea have a stuffed version of this elephant and it plays the fight song when you squeeze it's hand or paw or whatever. Aubie is the tiger mascot for Auburn University. Auburn and Alabama play each other this coming weekend in Auburn so tensions are running high in our house.
I have chosen to cheer for the Dillon Panthers and I feel good about that. The other three members of this family can cheer for whomever they want on Saturday.

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