Monday, November 12, 2007

Wardrobe Issues

Ever the slaves to fashion in this house, I couldn't leave for church yesterday without taking this picture.

Svea does in fact have a dress on with one of Henry's cushy jackets over it. She picked purple socks and cowboy boots to complete the outfit, and would not let go of her miniature Boots the Monkey or her Little People character she has named Arwyn who goes with her everywhere:

Henry has on a gray and red Alabama football shirt, then a short-sleeved striped button down, then the baseball t-shirt. All of the shirt layers were acquired as the sport-of-the-moment changed and he needed to display the current team accurately. And no uniform would be complete without the loafers.

During lunch today, Svea snuck into the kitchen and grabbed the container of pistachios off of the counter and snuck them into the living room to line them up on the arm of the chair and eat them.
Brian and I were searching everywhere in the kitchen for the pistachios, blaming each other of course, until he realized how quiet it was.

Henry had been stressing over his new outfit so we were distracted fitting the hot pink gloves perfectly to each finger while struggling to get the Christmas tree sweater vest UNDER the navy blue football jersey. All of that was to match the motorcycle helmet, bathing suit and cowboy boots.

Then this afternoon I walked in on this scene:


I gave her some cranberries as a snack and some voodoo starts happening or something. A friend made that bow in her hair and got her to keep it in there for longer than 3 minutes. I was thinking about growing her bangs out if she would start wearing barrettes, but it looks like I'll be trimming them instead. When she remembered the bow, a lot of hair came out when she ripped it off of her head.

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